View Poll Results: Which is the "AAA" strand?

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  • Strand "1" [leftmost strand]

    0 0%
  • Strand "2"

    7 35.00%
  • Strand "3"

    2 10.00%
  • Strand "4" [rightmost strand]

    11 55.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by BWeaves View Post
    Could the votes also have been influenced by the order they were presented?

    Also I don't know if the AA is actually a different color or if the lighting was different.

    Anyway, all 4 strands are gorgeous. I wouldn't throw any of them back if you tossed them at me.

    Maybe, I suppose. - I purposefully cut them to be not in order so it wouldn't be as obvious having them all in ascending quality. Plus, I thought it might have offered a more realistic comparison to how people generally buy pearls online, especially like I said when considering that the difference between A and AAA is $14,000 and like you said I wouldn't throw any of them back either. :-)

    In the original photo, they are all side by side on the same presentation folder so presumably the differences in color would be actual differences at least relative to the other strands next to them.

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    Well, really? get out of town! A rater has the same taste I have somewhere in the world, cool!
    Andrew, thank you, this survey was lots of fun, and a neat challenge, for our electronics and our 'Eye'. It was hard to find the words to explain the emotional judgements of the ratings.

    Great fun!

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    I missed the part where we were to rate them all lol I don't think I read the post accurately. I only voted for the AAA , That said , BAS got them all right ! Well done !!

    Judging pearls by photo is hard. I must say that I did think #2 was very nice but 4# was definitely AAA to me . I think with better lighting and some close ups it would have been a bit easier . Good fun though, thank you Andrew. ( and I need to answer your question on IG !! Sorry ! I've been flat out with orders and tracking down wandering packages)

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