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    Default Vulonteer work at farm in French Polynesia

    Hello everyone friends, will be in Tahiti at January . Thinking to take a week off somewhere in a Tuamotu or another islands. I’m seaching a volunteer work in a pearl farm for bed and breakfast. I’m 35 years lady , living in Russia and travel by tourist visa. I’m not allowed official payment work but will be happy to help with a volunteer work. I speak only English and Russian , French is very very bad. My education is a geographer and I work in tourism , blogging, envinromental engeneering. Also doing many things in design, painting. I can cook , wash, clean , paint and do another things. Also seaching a help , if I will not find a vulonter way, with a choose of a beautiful island �� where is concentrate many pearls farm to rent a room with a simple condition and pansion. I promote a Tahitian pearls in Russia , want to get some new contracts with farm for dustributing a pearls to my country.

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    Check with Kamoka as they were part of the W.W.O.O.F (World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ) and use to have volunteer opportunities you are looking for on the farm on Ahe.

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