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    I am trying to like them more. I know that all my pearls look practically the same in the pics. Name:  DDE668FB-2D09-4409-A3BE-1854B8E72E69.jpg
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    What I was thinking is what you wrote That since you know exactly what you like and don't like - when you see it - it's probably best not to buy anything that can't easily be returned.

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    I am happy!! I received my floating pearl from Tahitian Pearl Designer on Etsy and I was wow’d as soon as I opened up the package. That’s my reliable criteria. Does it take my breath away when I first see it? It is a “AAA”, dark green with pink overtones, described as “perfect”. This is my second purchase from TBD in the last month and I am so pleased with them. Their descriptions are 100% accurate. Name:  CF91F9AF-0A63-482C-9D1A-0EC44ADEEF33.jpg
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    I love floating pearls and pendants. They are so delicate and elegant. Strands don’t look good on me. Name:  CF91F9AF-0A63-482C-9D1A-0EC44ADEEF33.jpg
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    Here are all of the pearls that I love and kept out of my 16 purchases! This will be the end of my purchases for a while!

    AP studs and Macy’s pearl on bottom in pic, TPD studs and pendant on top. Even though they all look the same in the pics, the Macy’s and AP have more silver and blue color/overtones, while the TPD are more green with maybe some pink. Anyway, I got some nice matches out of all this too! . Name:  94696625-D6F5-4FE8-8B98-ED0A649EDD0D.jpg
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    Name:  E0E4F964-A475-4899-9E60-079B692653FB.jpg
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    Name:  89624870-BDC3-4EE4-8567-2DE9E564A8EB.jpg
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    Name:  96B6C538-6AB3-46CD-ADDD-94D1BBBCB8AE.jpg
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    It's a very pretty pendant!

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    Very pretty pendant. I agree, I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve bought from TPD.

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    That pendant looks great on you.
    I love TPD’s pearls, too. They seem to prioritise colour and size over perfect shapes, which accords with my preferences.

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