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    VR1, I have decided that I am also not a fan of peacock tahitians under most lighting conditions. They just never look colourful to me. What I DO love are light body coloured tahitians that have intense body colours in the silver/blue/blue-green range. They seem to show their colour better regardless of whether they are in dim diffuse light or bright natural direct light. Perhaps what you need to look for are Tahitians with body colours that you like rather than overtones. As an example, my favourite earrings from AP are very blue green in body colour, and it's only in certain types of diffuse light that the peacock overtone (which is what I bought them as) shows up.
    Thank you, cmd. After ordering 12 pearls over a 6 month period, I think I have learned that I am not a peacock fan in most cases. That took a heck of a lot of trouble to learn, but now I know. I’m glad I got the AP studs out of it. So now I am waiting for my green pendant from AP and bright green studs from Etsy vendor. I hope these will be better!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katbran View Post
    Personally I prefer brighter colours - anything from the light greens/blues to the mid tones . Only a great pair of Aubergine can tempt me to the dark side
    Yes, I think I have figured out that I like brighter colors too. It’s hard to order online when you don’t really know what a color or type is called. I hope I will be more successful from now on.

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