I changed that strand from yesterday again. It needed something more in the center. That charm bugged me as well, to small maybe. I am thinking about making something to add and remove charm with. I have a wierd looking silver finding in the shape of an 8,with one loop smaller. If I added that to a strand then I could easily add a charm with a jumpring or a small lobsterclasp. But I didn't do that today. Years ago I bought a beautiful colorful circled tahitian pendant from Druzydesign. It was wirewrapped with gold or vermeil. I really do prefer silver or white gold with tahitians, all pearls really except for golden south sea pearls or other very warmtoned colors. That pendant didn't get used that much, just because of that. I had thought about rewirewrap it with silver but today I used the pearl as a centerpiece instead. That wierd little blue green pearls got incorporated in the strand as well. The strand is now 21,5 inches and the pearls are between 7,2-12,4mm. All sizes are randomly placed sorted only after color.
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Today I am using it with my big blue green tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
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Those studs are also great to wear alone if it's really hot.
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With my other tahitian and south sea rope. This one has more circled and drop pearls. My new strand is generally made of rounder pearls, even if they are a bit bumpy.
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The rope is 38 inches long.
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Now my hands are itching to make a strand out of those baroque tahitian bracelet from Cees that I recently bought. I bought them to make something with, but then I really like them as bracelets. I could make them bracelets again. Well see.