Thank you Bweaves, it really is gorgeous. I notised that bead several months ago and forgot all about it. Then suddenly I remembed it and wierdly enough it was still there. I have some carved abalone shell earrings that I bought from augustus-collection last year so I check there ebay store occationally. The earrings.
Name:  _20200727_151610.jpg
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With my rainbow strand from Pearlescence.
Name:  _20200727_151025.jpg
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Name:  _20200727_150947.jpg
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Then I tried it on the pale golden, ivory and white mixed rope that I made with leftover pearls recently.
Name:  _20200727_150921.jpg
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My pink and white iridescence rope.
Name:  _20200727_150859.jpg
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I tried it on my lavender rose freshwater rope, that I recently remade again but I didn't like the colors together. The overtones clashed a bit.
Name:  _20200727_151640.jpg
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It looked gorgeous with Isabella.
Name:  _20200727_150059.jpg
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And with my new baroque tahitian bracelet from Cees.
Name:  _20200727_150005.jpg
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