I am hoping maybe someone can help me here. I want to give a guitar away. It is in Chicago right now with my good friend Tyler, whom I've asked to help me find a recipient as he works at a high school where the kids don't have much money. But he's been very quiet about it so I will ask here as well.

The guitar is a Martin Jr. Sappele, purely acoustic (this one: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/det...sapele-natural). It has been used for a few weeks only. It is a mid-range guitar, not high-end but not cheap either. Solid top and layered side and bottom. It is slightly smaller than regular sized guitars so will work for youngsters or hands with arthritis too.

It doesn't do it for me, doesn't fit how I like to play, so I bought another one and decided that rather than sell this one, in the spirit of Christmas, I want to give it away to someone who wants to play and can't afford a good instrument. If someone here would love to play and can't afford a guitar or know someone in such a situation, please send me a PM. If more apply, I'll draw lots.

- Karin