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    Default Gifted wedding pearl necklace identification help

    Hi, I'm new here and actually joined because of this particular necklace. It was given to me for my wedding from a friend who worked at a local thrift shop. So imagine she found them in a donation box. I actual forgot them the day of my wedding and they have been setting idle since. I didn't think they were real at first but after trying to look them up maybe they are. They have a 585 on the clasp, that from what I understand, simply means the clasp is 14k gold. There is another symbol beside that i can't identify. I'll attch it with a few other photos. It is 18" which means princess. And The pearls graduate in size.
    I'm trying to figure out worth. I don't know how pearl necklaces are valued. Is the symbol next to the number significant? Is it something that has to be appraised? Is it worth getting appraised? I would like to sell them if they are worth anything. Christmas is around the corner and they have sat atleast 5 years unworn.
    Any information, suggestions, or help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank u.
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    They look like akoya pearls but to be sure why don't you do the so-called "tooth test"-- rub two of the pearls very gently against each other (or against the edge of a front tooth). Real pearl nacre will feel a bit gritty or resistant; imitation pearls will feel smooth.

    The markings on the clasp are probably those of the maker of the clasp.

    It is not worth getting them appraised. Unless they are a well-known brand name like Mikimoto, or historic pearls, or have a special clasp, used (pre-owned) pearls do not tend to sell for very much. But it may still be worth your while to try to sell them, whether in a consignment shop or online.

    To see what graduated pearl necklaces tend sell for I suggest you look at completed sales on eBay.

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