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    Default Where to buy pearls in Beijing on the 11.11?

    Dear forum members, I am new here and first of all I wonna thank you all for this great forum. I am just amazed about the beautiful prices here and greatful for the chance to get an advise here.
    Years back I remember there was a discussion regarding buying pearls near the airport in Beijing. Unfortunately I can't find this thread anymore. The reason why I am asking, there is a big sale in China this Sunday the 11.11, something like black Friday, and I have a friend who would be able to buy some pearls for me. Thank you so much in advance!

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    I don't know about any places that close to the airport, but the main pearl market in Beijing is the Hongqiao Market in Chong Wen Men. This is a multi-story building with a lot of pearl vendors.

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    Thank you Jeremy, in the meantime I found a lot of i formations to my question, many coming from you. I think this thread can me deleted or closed

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