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    Default What type of pearls do I have

    This necklace was given to me by my mother who says they belonged to my grandmother. This is a 18" in strand of pearls and i think 8mm in size but I don't know what type/origin they are. I am also interested in the value. Are these something i should have insured?Name:  Pearl 1.jpg
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    Any help would be great!

    Thank You


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    Hi silvershell37,

    It's so nice that you have pearls from your grandmother. This looks to me like a strand of freshwater cultured pearls from China. They are a little egg-shaped due to not having a bead inside-- and as they are solid nacre, they will be very durable.

    The knots look a little loose. It's actually quite easy (and inexpensive) to restring them yourself-- see our tutorials here on the Lowly Beader's forum.

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    Yes, I concur with PDs. And I'd say that the last knot, next to the clasp is in poor condition. I'd really recommend a restring before wearing this one. Our dear pattye sells a starter kit with every thing you'll need to try your hand at a restring. You really can't hurt the pearls by trying this yourself. Here is a link to her kit:
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    They look like freshwater pearls to me, also. They're quite pretty. They are all nacre, so they will look good for years. But they definitely need restringing.

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    How nice you have Grandma's pearls. Enjoy wearing them and there should be no need to insure them. You should be able to find like pearls on ebay to determine your price.

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