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    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Well worth the wait
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    Worth the wait. Your pearls look elegant on you.

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    Perfect size pearls and they look so beautiful on your neck. I'm glad everything worked out great.

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    Default wow

    Quote Originally Posted by gemfever View Post
    There are here, they are HERE!!! It only took three phone calls to FedEx this morning, two trips to the local FedEx office with about a 40 wait while a very helpful employee searched through a ton of packages (and did not guilt trip me at all. I so appreciate it)... and voila! They are here.

    The pearls are more beautiful than I expected. They are whiter and shinier (that's my super pro lingo, lol). I think they have slightly whiter color and higher luster than my earrings. The size is just perfect, I don't think I could pull off larger for now.

    Pardon my quick cell phone pics and the fact that I simply threw the pearls on beading wire in 2 minutes before heading off to my dad's birthday. I was determined to wear them! Will string them properly in the next couple days, and I will update with better photos and comparisons to my earrings, to freshwaters and vintage strands (I'm guessing vintage akoyas), and my mom's WSS earrings and pendant. I also need to decide on length, I think I want slightly shorter, closer to choker length, maybe 15.5" or so.
    Thank you so much everyone for commenting and for your support during the customs turmoil! Special thanks to Masik for advising me to reach out to Cees And Cees! Thank you! You rock!
    So I have been following this pearl drama and just logged in to check on the progress. All I can say is WOW! Your pearlie treasure was definitely worth the wait. Congratulations on such a lovely strand!

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    Stunning wss! You're so lucky!
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    wonderful gemfever - they are stunning! thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you so much everyone! Your words mean a lot, I'm so happy to have found this community. Now that my own (current) pearl adventure is satisfied, I'm going to enjoy browsing everyone else's posts and admiring all your lovely pearls.

    As for my WSS... haven't taken them off love love love

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    Gemfever, your necklace is just stunning, and the length size looks perfect on you, and your earrings are beautiful too!

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