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    Default Can anyone identify these pearls

    I recently inherited these pearls when my mother passed on, they belonged to my grandmother and now I am giving them to my daughter but would like to know a little about the pearl. The catch is marked as sterling silver.Name:  IMGP0059.jpg
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    Well, now those are interesting given the backstory.

    Without the history, the grimy knots from long use, and the tarnished silver finding, I would have thought they were modern Chinese Kasumi-like freshwater pearls. Instead I am wondering if they could be actual Japanese Kasumi freshwater pearls.

    I am no expert on Kasumi pearls, however, and welcome the input of others who are acquainted with them.

    For reference here is a thread on Kasumi pearls:
    Japan Kasumi Pearls

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    Do you have an remembrance of the earliest year you saw your grandmother wear the pearls?
    What size in mm are the largest and smallest pearls?

    They definitely need to be cleaned and restrung. They'll look so much more beautiful, and safer from loss from accidentally breaking the thread.

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    Welcome, Judicat,

    Really interesting pearls, for sure! Great luster and look at their rose overtones! Having an idea of when these pearls might have been purchased, any stories associated with them, as a gift for to mark a special occasion, souvenir of travel, anything like that. Perhaps a rough idea of size, too, length of strand, and some of the center pearls laid next to a ruler.

    Definitely a careful washing and restringing is in order, plus adding an updated clasp if you wish. What a treasure!!


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