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    Default Metallic freshwater luster VS Hanadama

    Hi Pearl lovers
    I love and have freshwater pearls because I don't like the idea of a bead inside . But lately I have been fascinated by the terms "mirror like luster " and "soap bubble " orient .
    I am thinking of getting a white 7-7.5 mm necklace . Metallic freshwater or Akoyas , can't decide . I have a few metallic freshwater earrings & Freshadama studs from Pearlparadise . but I have never seen a good quality Akoya pearl . Do they have a higher luster & orient than the metallic freshwater ?

    And since I don't plan to sell them , Is the Hanadama certificate necessary ? I mean are there uncertified AAA akoyas with Hanadama qualities ? I only care for the extreme luster , don't care about roundness that much , actually makes the pearls look more organic if they are not too perfect .but maybe the higher luster comes from the light reflection on smooth & perfect round surfaces ?

    Another thing , I really don't know from which vendor I should buy . Pearlparadise or Pearls of joy or American Pearl or Purepearls ? every vendor says he has the best . or buy from all of them then keep the best one for me ? I don't like returning stuff , I feel guilty . or should I tell them beforehand that I will examine the pearls before deciding ?
    Thanks !

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    I don't own any hanadama or AAA akoyas, but I do have a vintage graduated akoya strand that has slightly better luster than my AAA metallic white FWP. The metallic white FWP in turn have better luster than my Freshadamas.

    So I have to think that Hanadama akoyas would have higher luster than metallic whites. I've seen some photos of metallic whites that have very high luster but in my strand some of the pearls are more lustrous than others. Still, they cost much less than hanadamas would so I am content.

    It's up to the vendor to choose his or her best AAA akoyas to send for certification as hanadama. So I would expect that hanadamas would have higher luster than AAAs from the same vendor, or else what are you paying more for?

    Any akoyas that are not specifically sold as semi-round or baroque should be fully round.

    Luster is one thing, orient another. I find the baroque akoyas with thick nacre that I bought from PP have both. Pearls with irregular nacre tend to show more orient than fully round smooth pearls. I also see what you call the soap bubble effect. See photos in my thread:
    Baroque Akoyas from PP April 2015 special

    The photos I've seen of the natural white handamas from PP seem to have beautiful red and blue orient. Look at photos in this thread!
    Hanadama pearls from Pearl

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    I would buy from Pearl Paradise!

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    You can also ask for side by side photos of several strands and pick the one you like best.

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    I love my pearl paradise natural white hanadama pearls. If you go forward in that thread, you'll see better photos.
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    Pearl Dreams
    Thanks for the threads ! Your baroque Akoyas are beautiful .
    I am leaning toward the natural white Hanadamas from PP. Although I am curious about the POG's gem quality and how they compare to a Hanadama?
    your pearls are fabulous , are all PP'sHanadamas the same quality ?

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