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    Wow this is so interesting !! Thanks BWeaves !!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by BWeaves View Post
    RE: Linen.

    Unfortunately, I usually don't know if the linen is good or bad until I've washed and ironed it. However, if you put some around your neck and it's super scratchy, you won't want it next to your body. If it's very smooth and there's no hairy bits, then it's probably OK.

    I've bought linen tea towels from a company online, and I can't remember the name of the company right now. They do interesting screen print patterns. I've learned NOT to buy the ones that are one sale. It turns out that the problem isn't with the screen print pattern, but with the linen itself. After washing, the linen wrinkles horribly on the sale ones, but not on the regular price ones. So you might want to sew a little sample square (10 to 12 inches) of the fabrics you are interested in, and throw it in the washer and dryer. Then steam iron. I like 10 inches because it makes any shrinkage easy to measure as a percentage.

    Ideally you want wet spun line linen, which will be very smooth.
    Dry spun, tow linen is very hairy, and suitable for burlap sacks.

    Flax is a plant that grows 3 feet tall. It is pulled up by its roots and left to rot the outside bark off. Once the bark is scraped off, you end up with yard long fibers. Comb these fibers and you end up with something that looks like long blond hair. This is why princesses in old time fairy tales were described as having long flaxen hair. The short fibers that are combed out are called tow (pronounced "toe"). Little children with short blond hair are called tow headed, because they look like they have tow on their head. Tow makes a very hairy, scratchy yarn when spun. The long fibers are called line, and make a very smooth fine yarn, especially if they are spun while damp to slick down any ends that stick out.

    Purr - Thanks for the info on that show..I'm not familiar with 99% of the US shows, especially those that just have jewellery . Jeremy is always very generous - not surprised he snuck you in... it's so much fun looking at all the different designers. ( I confess to wandering into the jewellery section at the HK show...and drooling .... )
    And that silk robe/PJs is fabulous !!!!!!!!

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    That ring is so beautiful Bweaves, it looks comfortable to, as in it wont snag on things.

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    Purr, thanks for sharing the link to those PJ ponchos, which are just beautiful!

    BWaves, gorgeous ring, I remember seeing that stunning pearl--so pretty!

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    Same again, great thread and thank you all for sharing!
    Happy Huku

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