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    Default Which of these would you choose?

    I am currently in the possession of three beautiful strands. (Shown clockwise) An Akoya, a AAA metallic white and a freshadama. I love them all for different reasons... but if you had to choose 1 (or 2!) which would you choose and why? Please respond top, left or right (or a combination therein). Iím looking for, primarily, luster and long term value. Thanks for your help, Iím very grateful!

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    I' m guessing, based on appearance, that the akoya is the top strand, the metallic white is the right lower strand and the Freshadama the left lower strand.

    Of the three I prefer the metallic white (right) for its high luster, and after that that Freshadama (left) for its whiteness and roundness. The akoya strand pictured (top) doesn't have the sharp luster akoyas are capable of having, and is a bit too cream colored for my taste personally.

    However, the real question is what do you prefer:
    Roundness? Choose the akoya first, Freshadama 2nd, metallic FWP last
    Luster? Metallic FWP 1st, Freshadama 2nd, that particular akoya last
    Cream/ivory color vs. white? That Freshadama is clearly whiter than the other two.

    Pearls do not tend to hold their value long term, if it's a question of resale.

    For durability, there is nothing like all-nacre FWP, and either of the FW strands above would beat the akoya as there is no bead inside. That said, if you take care of the akoyas, wipe off sweat and skin oils after wearing them, and don't wear them all day every day, they should last many years.

    If it's a vintage akoya strand (judging by the color, which seems a bit yellowed) the nacre may be thick compared to strands sold today.

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    You have received great advice. The metallic white is my favorite. The real way to tell is to put them on, one at a time and try to distinguish which one compliments your skin tone the most. You can also try laying them across your wrist. In the long run, you'll appreciate the strand that looks best on you than it does by itself. The brighter white often looks best on a wider range of skin tones. Good luck.
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    You should certainly try them on. When I was looking at several akoya strands recently, I picked out the whiter ones for preference, but the pinker ones definitely looked better on my skin. I was surprised, because just looking at them I liked the whiter better. Are they all the same length? That may be a factor, too. Have fun.

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    I prefer the look of the Metallic Whites. Just a personal preference ! But, as above, it's what looks best on you .

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    Right, that's easy! I'm all about lustre and metallicity! Plus thick nacre, so tops Akoya for me.

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    My favorite is also metallic white just looking at them on the paper towel, but agree that having them on will help you decide what looks best.
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