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    Wow, Parrot Lady! That's some serious bling along with some serious pearls!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattye View Post
    Ama, what a perfectly wonderful birthday gift! And if you are allowed to take photos, I know some peeps that would be thrilled to see them!
    If I am allowed to take them I will definately try, not sure if I will do them any justice with my absolutely non-existent photographic skills...

    Quote Originally Posted by Parrot Lady View Post
    If you love admiring beautiful jewels, this is a documentary on the Al Thani Collection "From the Great Mughals to the Maharajas". I saw the exhibition in Paris last year and can't even begin to describe the jewels, which make Marie Antoinette's look cheap. Many pearl creations, but it was the closest I'll ever be to a 57 carat diamond!
    How lucky you were to visit this exhibition! I am very interested in different time periods and cultures so I can imagine what a treat this must have been. Also noticed that there is a virtual exhibition to give us a taste of the real thing. I hope I can make a trip to Italy in the near feature and visit this, but I want a better understand of the jewelry on show first and read up as much as I can before that.
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    Ama, I was fortunate to be in Paris during the exhibition. Such incredible artistry and such an abundance of gems and pearls. It was truly breathtaking. I hope you can get to Italy to see it.

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    those pieces of art are a magnificent collection. I would love to see them in person

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