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    Default Thoughts on Belpearl brand SSP

    Does anyone have any familiarity with the Belpearl line that Neiman Marcus carries? They have some pretty designer pieces, but what is the quality like?

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    I saw a pre-owned BelPearl SSP on eBay once that had been previously purchased at Costco. I imagine there is a range of qualities.

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    Also check on the Last Call website (Neiman's Last Call is their outlet branch). Personally, I think that you pay a price for shopping at Neimans. Our Costco had a strand of golden SSP not too long ago, and they were gone by my next trip there...I have to say, they were beautiful deep golden rounds...but I didn't notice the brand. They were priced around $12,000. It was an 18 inch strand of 13-15mm. Since PP is currently running their golden SSP sale, you may want to take a look there.
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    I found a strand on last call, 12-15mm for around $4400. I ordered them and Iím exceptionally pleased with how round they are. Now they do not have perfect surface quality, some little pits, etc. but they are relatively well matched in terms of color. Of course I cannot say that I expert enough to be very critical of them unless I had a better strand to compare to. For the price though, I have t seem anything that looks quite as good. Name:  F3231084-062A-43FA-941E-D4EE47C5FB8B.jpg
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    Some more images of the strand I picked up. What do you think? Good enough for a starter?
    They are definitely strung one pearl off but thatís not such a big deal to me, can be corrected later. Name:  1876BE5A-BCEB-4241-BB3D-274AA9CD489F.jpg
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    They look terrific to me and if you're pleased, that's what matters! They look very round! So pretty on you, too!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pattye View Post
    They look terrific to me and if you're pleased, that's what matters! They look very round! So pretty on you, too!
    Thank you pattye! I’ve been in the market for pearls for about 6 months and I’ve totally been lurking here gathering al the wisdom. I ended up settling on an 8.5-9.0 Hanadama strand from Pearl Paradise, which is currently getting restrung by them because it came a little loose. I’m serioudly considering this strand for my “big” strand. Thank you so much for the input. The validation helps a lot. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night anxious about what to choose!

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    Nice big round WSS - and the price isn't bad at all... big ones can get pricey !

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