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    Default Edison Black Pearl

    I am thinking of buying an Edison black pearl. I am unable to see photos clearly. I don't know what to look for when buying a black pearl. I have never seen a black pearl in person before. I have a few questions and would appreciate some advice:

    1. What is the lustre supposed to be like? Are they like Tahitians, greyish black or just black black? Or they have nuances of different colours in different lighting?

    2. Are they treated? Will their colour last? It is an Edison and I am wary that their purple ones can sometimes turn to a bronzy unattractive colour.

    3. If you have pictures and they show up the lustre well, please help me by posting here. It would really help. I am just having a pearl craving at the moment.

    Thank you.

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    The only Black edison pearls I am seeing are dyed. They are also dying them garish skittle color as well. They are easy to find on esty or the creepy pearl party circut.

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    I am a bit confused because because the main description states black Edison pearl

    but the colours stated within the details of the pearl are green aubergine and peacock.

    No mention of treatment.

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    If they are "Edison" pearls and black then they are 100% dyed. If you want a natural black colour and you like the peacock and aubergine overtones .... buy a nice Tahitian pearl....

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    Oh....ok. I will do that. Pop goes my desire to buy this black edison.

    Tahitian then.

    Thank you.

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