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    Question restringing- how often is too often?

    Hi guys. Im just wondering if restringing is hard on pearls. I have a couple of strands that I have been adding to quite regularly as I am hand picking pearls. The more pearls I get, the more I want! I think that I am finished, then I see a new beautiful pearl somewhere.
    Because every few weeks I source a new pearl (or two or 3), I have been restringing these strands fairly regularly to add to it. Ive truly come to love redesigning my pearl necklaces.
    Then it occurred to me- am I compromising my pearls in some way? I try to be very careful but wonder if restringing too often wears out the drill holes?
    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    I don't see how you could possibly hurt pearls by restringing them.

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    I've been known to restring the same strand at least once a day, until I'm happy with my stringing job, the length of the strand and the clasp.

    If I have a bad pearl with thin nacre, and it looks bad when I'm stringing, I just leave that one out of the strand. But I don't think the stringing itself is hard on the pearls. I'm careful with how I cut the knots so as not to rub drill holes.

    I suppose it is possible to overdo it, like restringing every day for a year. But restringing when you want to add or subtract pearls, and wearing the necklace in between stringing, should be just fine.
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    I think you are more likely to get RSI than damage the pearls!

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    Seems to me the worst thing would be that a pearl would roll off the table and be difficult to find or go down a floor heating vent or something. And as Bweaves mentioned, being careful not to scratch the pearl when you are removing the thread.

    You must be getting pretty fast at restringing! So much fun as you are finding out!!


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