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    Default Need help with identifying this pearl

    Hi everyone, I just bought this 14-15 mm loose golden south sea pearl on Etsy (I know buying pearls online is risky, but I really want to try it out first.) I ask the owner to do a half drill for me. As you can see, there are some blemish, which I don't mind, but there is something like a "ridge" right at the drill hole (sorry I don't know how to describe it more accurately). I don't if that is normal. I also think this pearl looks a little bit different in luster than my the other golden south sea pearl (this one I pick it by myself at Gem show, should be real). Therefore, I was wondering if anybody can help me to check if this is a real golden south sea pearl. Any idea and advice will be appreciated. Thank you a lot.
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    It looks like a Champagne coloured GSS - those little dents are pretty common as it the slight ripple. I'm surprised they didn't drill at the ripple so it would hide under a cap, however it could be drilled there as that spot allowed a clean face forward. Hard to know without seeing the pearl. Lustre looks pretty good for a biggish pearl. Looks real enough to me.

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    Hi, Katbran, thank you for telling me about that. Yeah, I also think that there could be a better spot for the drill hole when I got it. I also wanted to peek through the hole to see the inside, but I can't see anything. But again thank you very much.

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