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    Also forgot to mention re akoyas wearing out. If they are taken care of properly, as others have mentioned-- no perfume, hairspray, etc, they will last a long time. I have my grandmother's akoyas that are most likely close to 100 years old, in very excellent condition.

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    Good plan to get a longer necklace later and have the akoyas for the wedding. Enjoy!
    The World Is My Oyster!

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    Now those are strands it's not the first time we discuss here the quality of the Pearl Source pearls, but no worries - you are now safe with POJ well done with reaching out to here!

    I would follow the advice of 2thdktr to try both strands with different clothes. Me myself would definitely lean to akoyas though. They shouldn't wear out unless you bathe them in acetone of course, but I don't think you will)

    Quote Originally Posted by jshepherd
    Take a look at the last sentence in both the A grade and the AA grade. According to this, they don't even carry them.
    Of course they don't! If what ckent12 received is AA+ quality, then the A and AA grades should be just the nuclei strung together. Sorry couldn't help from kidding

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    Definitely the better pearls ! Gorgeous lustre. I agree though that the Freshwater look a bit smaller. Maybe they sent the wrong size on one of them.
    As for the might find that the pink doesn't show up as much when on your skin. Try them both on with your dress....see how the colours work with the (Im assuming) white wedding dress. And then try them on with your other clothes. They are both beautiful !

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    The freshwaters from POJ are very nice and appear round. Sometimes shape can be a challenge in freshwater pearls. Those are very well matched.

    I have my grandmother's Akoyas and they have held up well, but when I look at the drill holes with 10x loupe, I can see that the nacre is very thick. I have seen some 'new' Akoyas where the nacre is very thin and I can see blinking -- they won't hold up as well.

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    I'm so glad you purchased some other strands from another vendor for comparison. Seeing good quality pearls makes you appreciate them even more. I don't think you can go wrong with either newer strand. It seems like you're leaning toward akoyas for nostalgic reasons, so I'd go with them. You can also purchase a second strand to match the first and get matching clasps to wear them together as a rope. The newer freshwaters are bead nucleated, like the akoyas.

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    I agree, it was smart to purchase several strands to compare. What difference between the vendors' interpretation of grading! Your budget allows many fabulous options. Congrats on your wedding!

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