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    Default Inherited these--a single strand and a multistrand graduated. Ideas on age etc?

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Size:  118.7 KBI inherited these. One is a single strand, and the other is a multistrand graduated piece. They both have broken strings, but I have the missing pearls. Based on where they came from and the clasps I am guessing they are turn of the century. Any ideas on whether they are real etc? [ATTACH]59585
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    Honestly they look like imitation pearls to me. Have you had the stones tested? Are there any marks on the metal?

    Try the "tooth test". Rub 2 of the pearls together gently. Do they glide smoothly on each other, or is there a bit of grittiness or resistance? The other way to do this test is to rub one pearl gently against the edge of your front tooth. Smooth = imitation pearls.

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    They both look like imitation pearls to me, too. They are very similar looking to my grandmother's Richelieu faux pearls from the 1920s, especially the clasps and the way the ends are attached to the clasps.

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    Your inherited vintage pearls look like imitation pearls to me also. In their day, they were often quite expensive and treasured just as our cultured pearls are today. They appear to be in very good condition.

    You may want to restring them yourself. Pearl Dreams has an easy to follow tutorial for knotting under the Lowly Beaders Club. The multistrand isn't knotted and could be easily restring with designer wire and crimp beads.

    They don't have a high resale value, but as a remembrance of someone special they are priceless.

    Many of us here wear and enjoy imitation pearls as well as "real" ones!


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    Default Thank you for he info! Here are better pics on white!

    They really don't have any sentimental value because I don't know who they belonged to although I have an idea. I am not very handy so I doubt I would attempt restringing them. I did not do the tooth test because I have braces! I did rub them against each other and I couldn't tell anything. The multistrand one is much lighter than I can photograph on this grey day,
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    The multi strand would make a fantastic bracelet too. Love the clasp.

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