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    Default Question about COA with New Mikimoto Purchase

    I have a question about what documentation should come with a purchase of new Mikimoto pearls. My mom has built up quite the pearl collection. My parents are trying to document and insure things & I am helping (read as doing the legwork). They moved recently & some of the receipts were lost. For a few of her items, the store (a jewelry store that is an authorized retailer) gave her a booklet with the purchase that seems to be a certificate of authenticity. (These were always kept in the boxes with the items & not with the financial documents, so they didn't get lost.) I've attached a picture of one of them. However, I've asked the store & they claim they've never issued them. They also don't want to give detailed copies of old receipts without us bringing in all the items & paying for an appraisal.
    I'm wondering if we should have been getting the COA's all along. Also, if we aren't able to get the proofs of purchase from the original retailer, is there any advantage to having the appraisal/valuation done by Mikimoto, or will one done by a certified jeweler be as good?

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    I bought my earrings directly from Mikimoto's online store, and they did not come with any certificate.

    My mother's necklace had a small tag with a serial number and that's it. She kept all her receipts, so I'm sure I would have found a Mikimoto certificate if there was one.

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