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    Hi Katbran,

    Looks like the ones that you like might be Edison FW, with that kind of luster. Not SS, most likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zowie View Post
    Thanks Katbran! Do you think that the 'Mikimoto' pearls luster is the same as on the right modeling photo in the post #4?
    The Model photo on the right..the pearl is very pixilated so it's hard to know. I'm assuming all this is just about lustre and not type of pearl?
    I much prefer Norm's pearl lustre and surface skin but .. the Miki pearls have the best lustre of the one's you've shown. These are Edisons 15+ with sharpish lustre. Quite different to Norms beautiful WSS. I've put this photo into black and white to better show the surface without the distraction of my gold iPad or black sweater ! So if this is the 'hard' lustre you want then you would need Edisons.
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    Another choice for me. Do you find the luster of those two WSSP pairs to be identical? Or does one pair have a stronger luster? (same pair is shown on two lower photos).
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