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    Default Double Strand White - Hong Kong 1994

    I received these pearls from my grandmother and wanted some assistance identifying the pearl type.

    They are double stranded white pearls purchased in Hong Kong in 1994.
    Size - Estimate 7.5 MM (pics included with ruler)
    Clasp - 14K White Gold (assumption based on "K14" on clasp) with 8 red stones (ruby?)

    I only notice 2 knots in between the 3 pearls closest to the clasp

    I would also appreciate any tips on care after receiving the necklace. i.e. storage cleaning etc. What do I do??? haha

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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for the photos of your new strand. What a lovely gift and remembrance of your Grandmother.

    The pearls look very round, and from the date of origin and their size, one would conclude these are cultured akoya pearls. In a few of the photos some of the pearls look oval, but I suspect it is an optical illusion caused by the camera angle. The thread doesn't look stretched, dirty or worn, but because there are only a few knots, a broken thread could mean lost pearls, please consider restringing with knotting between each pearl. What an elegant clasp, agree, likely rubies! I hope you will wear it often and enjoy the compliments!

    I have to run off to Grandson's Percussion competition, so I'll let others chime on on the care and feeding of pearls.


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    Yes, cultured akoya pearls.

    In my early days of rethreading back in the eighties early ninety’s knotting pearl strands was not as popular as it is today. The couple of knots that you see at the back is where the restringer has finished off, (every restringer has there own technique of finishing off).

    As for looking after your pearls, If you wear perfume, let it dry first before wearing your pearls, if you use hair spray, spray first and then wear your pearls .

    Give your pearls a gentle wipe clean with a soft cloth and store them back in the box with the clasp closed shut.

    You are so lucky having this treasure from your grandmother.

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    How nice to have these lovely pearls to remember your grandmother and such a beautiful clasp!

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    What a beautiful and special strand. I love that it's not graduated, it makes them look so large.

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    What a lovely strand !! I would definitely get them cleaned and knotted. They are very pretty !!

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    Thank you all for the responses! Any idea where I can send it in to be cleaned and knotted?

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    You could actually clean and knot it yourself if you wish to. Many of us string our own pearls. There are tutorials on the Lowly Beaders Club forum. Washing it in bottled water (which has no chlorine or hard water minerals) with a mild soap is all that is needed.

    Or, if you send your orphaned pearl stud (from your other thread) to Pearl Paradise to be matched, you could also send your necklace to be restrung.

    You could also have it restrung locally but may find that to be more expensive. Ask what their rates are.

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