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    Question Newbie With A Beautiful Strand Requesting Feedback


    Thank you for this site! I've been reading through posts and have been fascinated! I had no idea! Recently I stumbled on a lovely strand of pearls in a thrift store and purchased them. They are quite special and I wonder if anyone would be willing to share thoughts on their origin etc. First, the clasp is a diamond set in platinum, but the post or catch that slides into the clasp is not gold. Perhaps it was replaced. Also there are no discernible markings. There are approx 137 pearls on the strand. The largest looks to be slightly larger than 5mm and the smallest about 2mm. When I roll them they do not look perfectly round, but maybe I'm being a little critical. The color isn't white at all. They look darker than creme, but I'm not at all experienced with pearl color. I looked at them under all manner of light and backgrounds and cannot find striations that I read about in other articles. There's an outer layer that's detectable, but then it mostly looks like it merges into a darker center.

    I captured an image outside and the others I took indoors without flash. Thank you in advance for any thoughts you would like to share.
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