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    Default Consignment Purchase- Can anyone tell me what I have?

    After spending (well, wasting) a lot of time trying to find answers with little to no knowledge and Google, I finally found this forum and I'm hoping someone here might be able to tell me what I have!
    I purchased this three strand pearl necklace second hand at a price I thought might be too good to be true. I bought them through a consignment website where the seller had sold other jewelry with excellent feedback, so I took a chance.
    To address the pinned post;
    - Yes, the pearls are gritty
    - Photos included- although I did not take them on a white background. If that’s necessary, I am happy to take more!
    - The history is very unclear. The woman I bought them from spoke very little english, but did send them in a box from ‘Bella’ at The Shops at the Prudential Center in Boston. I do not know if they were purchased there, and believe it’s now closed. She said she paid $1250.
    - I have provided photos, but do not see any numerical markings- everything is in the photos.
    - I also am including photos of the measurements. Each strand carries and I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to articulate.

    I appreciate any insight!
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