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    Default Mikimoto clasp question

    Hi everyone! I'm a complete pearl newbie who would love some advice. I recently purchased my first pearl bracelet and since I didn't want to spend too much on it, I picked an inexpensive 4mm bracelet from Mikimoto and imported it from Japan.

    It's definitely authentic as the personal shopper purchased it at a Mikimoto counter, and it came with all the packaging and receipt, but it doesn't have the signature clasp - does anyone know why this is? Thanks in advance for any input

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    Is the signature Mikimoto clasp only used with bigger and more expensive pearls? I can't find this bracelet on the Mikimoto website, and the only one I can find with a similar clasp (but without the dangling "M" ) is this one:
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    Welcome, Framboise,

    Your new bracelet is delicate and very pretty! Is the clasp white gold? Also wondering why a more distinctive clasp wasn't used. However, this type clasp is very secure and light weight. We are always interested in seeing Miki jewelry here. Thank you for sharing your story.


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    The clasp is more expensive than the pearls, so to keep the cost down for an inexpensive piece, it has a rather un-Mikimoto type clasp. The position of the "M" looks odd to me. Usually Mikimoto places the M one to three pearls in from the clasp, but again, this isn't their normal clasp, and the pearls are very small.

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