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    Hi, I was given a set of pearls 40 years ago and the box was branded as Mikimoto. I wore them rarely as the set was a bit small. I had always stored them away and recently noticed that some of the pearls are now peeling. I was horrified as I had always planned to leave them to my daughter. Does this peeling, after 40 years now mean that they are fake?

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    hello kurama,

    welcome to PG! could you post photos of the necklace? i'm no expert, just curious as to how a Miki necklace could peel just like that. but the experts might appreciate photos before commenting.

    seriously though, there are different factors why pearls get damaged even if they are not used, like storage and maintenance. my mom regularly cleans her pearl jewelry even those she rarely uses. something about pearls being organic and wanting to "breathe" moisture in the air, and making sure there are no remnants of sweat from the last wear. another friend recently showed me a pearl ring that lost its luster after being in the safe for a year, and it sat next to an anti-moisture packet... sad-looking pearl, that was!

    if you're more concerned with the authenticity, simply bring it to mikimoto. but how to save it, hmm, that might be costly.

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    So sorry to hear this peeling is happening with your pearls. As CM requested, please, of possible, post photos of your pearls. Please also tell us how they were stored. Are just a few of the pearls peeling, such as ones near the clasp? It would be unusual for imitation pearls to be gifted in a Mikimoto box, so at this point I wouldn't assume the pearls are fake.

    Were the pearls a gift from someone in your family?

    Please take a few good photos close up on a white paper towel, that show the peeling.


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