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    Default Mikimoto Australia - Authorised reseller?

    I have a pair of Mikimoto 10mm stud earrings in 18kt gold. It has been pointed out to me that the posts (everything else stacks up 100%) are not stamped Mikimoto.

    These are vintage and were originally purchased from Proud's (Mikimoto authorised reseller in the day in Australia) - I purchased them second hand. I have no doubt they are authentic, but need to confirm the following.

    I've been told that Proud's/Angus & Coote sold genuine Mikimoto pearls, were authorised to do so, but used their own 18kt yellow gold posts to mount them - but they were sold with the authentic stamped wingbacks, and all packaging/authenticity paperwork under licence to Mikimoto.

    I simply *cannot* find any info (apart from the auction/seller) on this practice and need an answer either way - was this done or not?

    Can anyone possibly help me here? Thanks
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    1. I've never seen posts stamped, as there just isn't room.

    2. Why would Mikimoto supply the ear backs and not the posts? That makes no sense to me. Earring backs and posts have to match, or the backs won't stay on. High end jewelry doesn't come with just the pearl and the earring back. It would all be completely made my Mikimoto so they can control the quality.

    3. I think if they are Mikimoto, that Mikimoto mounted the earrings on the posts and supplied the earring backs to match.

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    Squik, Welcome!

    That explanation doesn't make sense to me either. Earring pearls have to be carefully matched and graded; I can't imagine Miki sending loose pearls to be mounted. Too much room for error. As BWeaves mentioned, quality control has always been of prime importance.

    Mikimoto was our pearl line at Nordstrom Fine Jewelry back in the early 90's. Everything came boxed and assembled with documentation.

    It sounds like you have a lovely pair of earrings!


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    I would suggest that you contact Mikimoto directly for confirmation.
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    Hello Squik

    Prouds where indeed authorised resellers for Mikimoto in Australia. Both Packaging, and the Mikimoto documentation carried the Prouds Jewellers branding.

    The remarks you have been told about using their own posts . . . . is almost certainly a misunderstanding of the import practices of the time (From post-war through to the seventies).

    Many industries where highly protected - with imports subject to levies and duties (often substantial where local "trades" existed)
    it was a common practice to find ways to minimise these costs of importing, by using local components - or -performing the assembly using "kits" from the overseas manufacturer.

    In my experience posts werent stamped on earings of that era.

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