Hello everybody, I'm so excited to discover this forum!
I've always been a pearl lover and recently decided to get serious in getting my very first pair of studs for everyday wear (9-12/13mm?) and maybe a strand of necklace.

I'm in Australia and made the mistake of trying out some gorgeous 13mm button SSPs from Paspaley, . Since I'm still an amateur, I decided to be sensible.
Just want to know who are some the reputable Aus retailers (preferably in Sydney so that I can inspect in person) or online websites that ships SSPs to Aus? I am a little wary of not getting genuine SSP from a boutique store?
Is there anyway to know if the SSPs are from Australian waters or other places like tahiti?
Should I get SSP studs (so larger size) and Mikimoto necklace or a set from Miki?
Is it more expensive to purchase Miki from Japan? Do you think it would be special to purchase miki from the flagship store in Ginza Japan? or should I just stick with hanadama grade akoya studs?

As I'm not a big jewelry wearer, I want each purchase to be memorable/special.

All suggestions are welcome!