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    love your work! thanks for sharing

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    BUNNY!!!!! I love the necklace with the teal knots, and that's a cool looking clasp.

    My necklaces always kink after I knot them, because I knot tight. I run the necklace through my fingers, gently, and gently tug in sections. Then I just wear it and after a few days it loosens up.

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    Somehow I missed this thread ! Well done on your projects ! Knotting just takes practice. Like BWeaves I tended ( and still do occasionally) to knot tightly but if that happens then I draw the finished strand through my closed hand a few times and gently pull it abit. That usually works .

    Pattye - you use three strands ? Do you use one down the middle and knot with two around it ?

    Bernadette- I think you mentioned before that you use 4 strands of silk ? What size is that thread ? I was also curious as to your comment on the type of knot . I’d sort of assumed that most people use an overhand knot ( I think that’s what it’s called ) when you are dropping the knotted end down through the loop made in ones fingers . If one used two needles I could see more possibilities.

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