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    So I'm new to the world of pearls and know little to nothing about them. So about this particular pearl it's nearing close to 20 years old. It belonged to my great grandmother and was passed down to me as a graduation present. It a gift to her from my great grandfather who has since passed away. My grandmother also had one other one like this but it was a paler color with a silver hue. That pearl was claimed by my cousin. This particular pearl in the right light looks like it has shades of green? I was just wondering what kind of pearl this might possibly be? Also if it would be worth getting appraised and/or created into a necklace or is the worth of it just not that great? It is about 8mm and yes it is a real pearl I did the teeth test and its grainy. This pearl also has some very very tiny scratches on it. Which I'm wondering if it is from being in my grandmother's jewelry drawer all these years.
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    It could be a Tahitian pearl. I would not bother to have it appraised, but if you like it for a pendant or ring, then yes, get it drilled and set.

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    I agree with Pearl Dreams. Looks like a Tahitian pearl to me. It would make a lovely pendant.

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    It's probably not worth getting appraised, but it is worth making into a pendant or a ring.

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