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    Default Broken string of pearls- beautiful luster

    Good afternoon-

    I am deferring to the keen and skilled eye of the other members here on the Pearl-Guide. All of you were so terrifically helpful earlier this week in identifying my other strand. thank you once again.

    So for today I thought to share my latest find. The strand is 22" in length has broken off the 14KG clasp ( interesting open design on the clasp ). The pearls are graduated and range in size 3mm to a singe 7mm. There is an amazingly beautiful iridescent quality. Honestly they are the poshest pearls I have come to own.

    The luster of the nacre is beautiful- I looked thru a loop and gosh these are clean looking pearls with no dehydration or damage. Speculating that they have laid forgotten and discarded in the case for a good while due to the broken string from the clasp.

    Your thoughts on them? Thinking they are cultured Akoya, but then I am a novice in contrast to many of you here on the site.

    Dating is always tricky, but but the clasp does look original as does the shabby satin lined case ( which simply says Fine Cultured Pearls ..but I am always cautious about cases as pearls often get relocated..ha ha..speaking from a learning experience from the past...ha ha...and clasps do have a way of being replaced. Still these do have a vintage feel about them in the graduated design.

    Here are some images and as always your thoughts are very much appreciated.
    Thank you, Guy
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    Guy, these pearls are real beauties and very high quality; just look at how distinct the reflection is. Yes, I agree with you, vintage Akoya pearls. (They sure do need restringing!) Very nice 14 K clasp, very likely original, though no way to tell. Great find, wonderful length!!


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    Those are gorgeous vintage akoya pearls. Definitely get them restrung, or restring them yourself.

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    It looks like a 3.5 momme vintage akoya strand. (Momme is a unit of weight; pearls are sold by weight.)

    Back in WWII/Korean War, many of these momme strands were sold to servicemen and others working in Asia, who then took them home to their ladies. Typically these graduated from 3mm at the ends to 7mm in the center. Your pearls are very nice, and the filigree clasp is pretty also!

    I have one of these strands and I used 10# test white Power Pro to restring it. Power Pro is a strong thread and makes nice neat knots. But given that your pearls have become a creamier color, with age, instead of Power Pro (which is stark white) I recommend Beaders Secret thread in either Cream or Ivory, in the "Fine" thickness. Pattye sells this in her Etsy shop (see links in her post above.) Beaders Secret is a strong synthetic thread that won't stretch out, and is very easy to work with. You can knot easily without tools. The knots slide right into place when you pull the 2 threads apart.

    Restringing will reduce the length of your strand considerably. Mine started off at 21.5" long and ended up 2.5" shorter, at a very wearable 18".

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    Thank you Pattye,

    Your expertise and remarks are greatly appreciated. Delighted to read these are vintage Akoyas. Certainly am getting to know pearls thanks to you and the others on the site.
    They are a great find and a wonderful length. I feel very fortunate to have come upon them by chance; on eBay for a very modest "buy it now" price.
    You can well imagine my delight when the pearls arrived in the mail today. My sincere thanks once again.

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    Thank you Pearl Dreams for the detail on the probable history of the vintage akoyas..learned about the meaning of momme too..thank you.
    Appreciate the compliments on the pearls and the clasp.
    Excellent information on restringing the pearls. I am fond of silk..I know it stretches..old preference of mine. That said, I will give some thought to using one of your suggested threads.

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    Really lovely pearls , and I agree with everyone else !

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