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    Default Are these south sea pearls?

    Hi i was given a gray pearl earrings and they both weigh 13.6 grams approximately including the locks and the whole setting. Theyre huge like 14mm. What im wondering is that she said these are SSP. Are there any Gray Ssp? Thanks!

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    Default Are these south sea pearls?

    Hi i was given a gift recently 2 pairs of earrings and both are pearls. I wanted to know what kinf of pearls i hve.

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    Do you see the icons above the box where you write your post? There is a square one with a small tree-- click on that to choose an image, then click on upload.

    Are they a silvery color? Some SSP are silvery rather than white-white. But not gray.

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    Name:  20171005_073914[1].jpg
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Size:  46.6 KB Hi! Thanks for the reply. Pls see the attached pics. Thank you very much!

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    Name:  20171005_094206[1].jpg
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Size:  48.3 KB This is another pearl that was given to me. She said these are keshe pearls.

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    The 'Keshi" are not Keshi . You can see the bead - the spherical part of the pearl. We generally refer to these as Fireball pearls as they look like little comets. I bought a ton of these in Hong Kong at the fair to use in earrings. They are a bead nucleated pearl.

    The others appear to be an unusual shade. They look dyed in the photos as the colour is quite uniform and I don't see any overtones at all..SS are more Silvery - grey ... those almost look taupe-grey ? Maybe it's kjust the lighting. Is it possible she meant Tahitians when she said SouthSea. I've hear sellers refer to Tahitians and South Sea both as South Sea pearls or just Sea Pearls.

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    The keshi pearls look like blue akoyas with tails.
    And the grey ones, they look like dyed south sea pearls, or simply grey Tahitian pearls.

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    Thank you very much for the idea! So it is possible that this migh be a Tahitian pearl?

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Size:  83.6 KBName:  20171011_183050.jpg
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Size:  92.7 KB This picture i took with the camera flash on.

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    Doe the silvery pearls feel gritty at all?

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