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    Quote Originally Posted by Fidgetnator View Post
    Quick update: the hunt has commenced! I'm working with Erin at PP and the process is very exciting.

    Plus, it has occurred to me that Christmas is just 3 months away . . . and our anniversary is in April . . . so more opportunities to build a collection are not far away! This is how it all starts, isn't it?
    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to photos of your purchases.

    As for this is how it all starts, yes, but now I buy pearls whenever I want, special occasion or not.

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    Lol, when you start to think about when the next holiday/birthday/anniversary gift occasion is coming up, you know you have the bug. I selected my gift for our October anniversary in March, and my Christmas gift in July. When I see something that speaks to me, I get it while it is available and then tell DH his shopping for the next occasion is done, lol.

    14-15 mmm is my favorite size for a pendant drop. For dangly earrings, 11-12 mm is my favorite size drop, although I also have 10-11 mm drops that look quite nice.

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    Another update: pendant and earrings have been ordered! I'm going with a 14mm baroque for the pendant and 9mm baroque earrings. I will post photos once I receive them. So excited!!!! And thanks to Erin at PP for all her assistance and patience.

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    I looked forward to seeing your birthday pearls .
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    I'm excited for you, too. I can't wait to see your goodies.

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    Great time for a birthday...right smack dab in the start of the PP Tahitian sale!
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