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    Default Little Hole, Big Hole - What to do?

    So I'm finding that as with Thanksgiving dinner, in playing with pearls it's often the leftovers that are the most satisfying.

    I had 12 leftover light peacock Tahitian circled drops and 1 lovely WSS baroque. I thought I'd do a tin cup with them, but then saw some posts with Tahitians and akoya keshi that were scrumptious. And I actually had some akoya keshi in my stash! The only problem was that the holes in the Tahitians are close to 1mm and the ones in the keshi are tiny and won't take regular-sized Beader's Secret or needles. I tried stringing them on fine soft touch wire with silicone bumpers as spacers and liked the look but ran short of the bumpers. Ordered some more, but they were back ordered. Pattye to the rescue! I ordered some fine Beader's Secret and fine needles and could back knot the keshi if great care was taken.

    But what about the Tahitians? Knots slipped right into the holes. But now I had spacers, since I wasn't using wire! Very careful knotting with spacers guarding the holes did the trick!

    So now I have a lovely light companion piece to my pale peacock strand!

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    Thank you, lovely Beaders, for inspiration and resources!!!
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