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    Default These are very interesting...what are they?

    The pictures aren't very clear, unfortunately. I was watching it, but it just sold...did I miss out, or was this a ridiculous price for these? I was asking the seller questions, so I do know the clasp was something cheap. She thought it had been restrung over the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s3rndpt View Post
    These are very interesting...what are they?
    Old baby teeth?

    I kid. If they are natural pearls, they're not very good ones.

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    If someone on here bought them, hopefully we'll learn more about them/ see more photos.

    LOL at baby teeth!

    They look a bit like this natural strand:

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    Lol! They just looked so....strange. I've never seen anything like them so I couldn't tell if I was missing something or what. Passed them up for an even more interesting diamond and emerald clasp on an old set of pearls. I love antique findings so was definitely a better choice on my part.

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    I think you did better with a diamond & emerald clasp unless you really likes the pearls.
    Don;t know what kind of clasp & they did not even list the size of the pearls. There seems to be some bigger ones but they are strung really randomly with big & then small & then big.

    They have natural diamonds one would not want also when they are chipped & have all kids of flaws & feather & looks like someone dumped a sewer inside.

    Natural pearls are rare & more valuable but they have to have some sort of esthetic pleasability.
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    LOL Baby Teeth !! How gross !! Those pearls don't do much for me tbh

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    Rolling on the floor laughing... Baby teeth LOL...

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