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    Default Three new Tahitian baubles

    Last April, while celebrating Newberry's birthday at PP I found 2 stunning gem quality Tahitian pearls (not to mention a few other finds, but that's for another thread!).
    At first I thought I'd make them into studs - I rather liked the idea of 2 different colors for each ear. The slight different sizes and the fact that I wouldn't be able to see them, changed my mind. Then I thought of stacking rings, but 3 would be better, so I found another equal quality pearl. The peacock pearl has a rose gold ring, the blue has white gold and the bronze pearl ring is gold. John suggested adding tiny diamonds 3/4s if the way down each band, which would have been stunning. But I decided I'd add my own 3 eternity bands, so opted against his suggestion. My bands don't do them justice - He was right, I'm going to have him add the diamonds! But for now I'm enjoying them just as they are!

    They play really well with Fiji pearls, and golden SS pearls.
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