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    Default Grateful for this site

    I stumbled upon this site when trying to find oyster pearls to possibly start what I know now is a sham pearl party company. I have spent tons of money thinking I was buy legit pearls for my granddaughter who is only five but for some reason absolutely loves pearls. She is how I got into pearls. Thank you so much for allowing me to find facts on these beautiful labor intensive pearls. I feel like a fool buying these thru FB parties. I have just started the CPAA course to become educated.

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    Welcome Learningalot.

    I feel bad that you learned the hard way. But congratulations on educating yourself on pearls. There's lots to be learned on the PearlsAsOne course, and on this Pearl Guide website.

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    Welcome Learningalot! If it's any consolation, many of us have strands of inferior pearls we bought when we were new to pearls.

    Come to think of it, it seems to me (based on other kinds of things my H and I collect, and other forums I am on) that it's fairly common to learn what is/ is not worth buying through mistakes made!

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    How lovely you are buying pearls for your grandaughter. Don;t beat yourself up she is only 5 so freshwater now is probably quite enduring.
    I'd save the better ones for when she is much older.

    My grandmother gave me a strand of pearls when I was born. A small strand about 5mm & I wish I still had it but somewhere in time it was lost or I sold it. I did wear it numerous times fondly.

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    Camelot makes a very good point. Your granddaughter is only five. Let her play with the freshies and wear them. They are pretty and will make her feel beautiful and like a princess. Teach her how to care for pearls and then when she is a little older, give her a nice strand.

    And welcome!!! I hope you enjoy the course. I found it very useful and educational. The comments posted are worth reading as well. Good luck!

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