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Hi Sarah, and welcome to Pearl-Guide. You have some very interesting work on your website! Here's a wildly "long shot" idea I'll toss out, and I'm NOT a goldsmith, so not sure if this is technically possible ... but, I favor the "not drilled" route for this pearl too. Could you modify your existing design (photo below) to an oval instead of round, and bezel set the pearl so it sits securely in the center, trimmed at top and bottom by gemstones? Just a thought ... of your previous drawing, I like the simple one closest to the pearl as well. Attachment 51853
It is lovely but curious as to the id of the pink stones.
Sapphires/rubies would be my first guess thought they seem to have more brightness...(technically I guess they say pink sapphires but could also be lighter rubies as they are both corundum).

Would really be nice if they were pink diamonds but they are rare & $.

Curious as they seem to get much lighter around the edge.

Design is gorgeous & I can also see it designed to suspended horizontally for another nice look.