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    Default Are these colors real?

    I bought these oysters online for my mother and kids to open and eventually turn into jewelry of some sort. I was told they were akyo (sp)? Oysters.
    When we opened one it was red. I haven't been able to find much on this color except I kept getting re directed to a form here on this site so I've now registered and am hoping for help.
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    Default Are Red pearls real?

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    I ordered some oysters to open and make jewelry as a fun gift for the girls in my family. We have seen 3of the colors but never the red one. How can I tell if it's real? All my googling lead me to this website.

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    Welcome to Pearl-Guide.
    They are Chinese cultured freshwater pearls (not akoya saltwater pearls), and the black and red ones are dyed.

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    Duckie972, in addition, the pearls are grown in freshwater shells, and then inserted into new shells, which may be freshwater or akoya. Either way, the pearls are freshwater.


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    Default Dying process

    How do they dye them and then insert them back into the oyster? I've tried you tubing the process but do not know what it is called

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    Akoya oysters don't produce freshwater pearls. Sorry...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie972 View Post
    I've tried you tubing the process but do not know what it is called
    It's called a multi-level marketing scam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie972 View Post
    How do they dye them and then insert them back into the oyster? I've tried you tubing the process but do not know what it is called
    Dying pearls is a pretty common treatment. Pearls are bleached and then treated with organic dyes.

    Inserting the pearls in the akoya oyster is probably pretty straightforward and much easier than inserting the tissue in the culturing process, since there is no worry about the oyster's health. Just pry them open, pop the pearl and let it close.

    These kinds of "find a pearl" oysters are a scam. They advertise the pearls as akoya when they really are much cheaper freshwater pearls. They insinuate that the pearls are in their originating shells, when that is far from the truth (even the wrong type of oyster is used). And who knows what chemicals are being used in preserving the oysters...

    We have seen a lot of people come to the board about this. Some have invested a lot of money only to receive empty boxes or to find out that what they received is not what they thought it was. Board members have contacted sellers asking questions and received boilerplate answers, straight out lies or abuse, etc. Which is why we sound rather jaded by the subject. A quick search on the board will provide you with plenty of reading material.

    But what do you plan on doing with the pearls? They are pretty freshies and your girls should enjoy them.

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    As others have said ..they are freshwater pearls , they are dyed. Lots of pearls are dyed to meet fashion demands and as a way to deal with a poor quality pearl. The Dyed pearls can be quite pretty . The Freshwater pearls does not naturally come in black ..nor does an Akoya pearl. That red isn't natural in any pearl. I'm sure you had fun and I'm glad that you got what you ordered as many people don't have much luck with this 'find a pearl ' thing.

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