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    I just wanted to say for the record that my nail buffer worked GREAT on my coral beads!!! If anyone else runs into this I would suggest that you try a nail buffer. I was only able to do a trial run, but I can see that an evening in front of the television with the nail buffer and the beads is going to make them look better than they even did when I got them!!! (They're pretty old, we were told they were Victorian when we bought them, I don't know about that but they certainly have some age on them!)

    Thanks again for all the help!!!

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    I once cleaned a strand of coral "branches" and the entire strand dulled and looked awful. I was in a panic, as this was a restringing for a local jeweler. After a bit of research I learned that I had stripped the coral of its natural oils, so I rubbed it (very sparingly) with jojoba with GREAT success! It was time consuming having to do every single coral branch, but it looked fantastic and it was pretty easy getting into all of the nooks and crannies.

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