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    Hi everyone,

    I received some great information from the very knowledgeable members of this forum earlier about bead sizes in akoyas and SSPs. And excellent advice about ebay scams. but still, I couldn't resist (i know ) I won the following ebay item (attached some pics here). I spent $10 for them and to be honest I got them for the 14K gold clasps (two -- one in necklace and one in bracelet). the seller was honest about the representations made (v. accurate pictures and good realistic description) -- so at least there are a few good ones out there. I'm pretty sure that the pearls are just low grade fw -- they are very bumpy and nowhere near round. I think some of the pearls have been replaced however -- most are a creamy color but here and there some are v. white. However i love the lustre on them: very shiny -- and they display a rainbow effect, mostly pinks and greens (or is that just the indoor incandescent light playing tricks on my eyes?). Any input on these (fw or keishi?) would be greatly appreciated! oh and pls. note that the picture of the entire set was taken with flash.

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    With 14k clasps you got a great deal. The pearls are the classic Chinese rice crispy style, but I do like what they did with them. It is a nice design. One thing, however... you mention the clasps are 14k and you only paid $10. This means the seller was not a regular pearl seller, correct? With today's gold prices, 2 clasps are going to cost you $10 alone.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    I love the design as well the seller's ebay ID is earlofmercia and the item number for this set was: 290034362959. I think this link should take you to the auction (and you can see from the page that the pictures are exact and very accurate):

    The clasps are fishhook clasps and the notation says "14K RTI". The seller isn't a professional pearl seller but sells mostly vintage items, game tickets, etc. And as you said, with gold prices sky high now, I grabbed these as soon as I saw them (btw, the price was 9.99 but there was shipping for $6.50.. so the total price was $16.50 but since i make most purchases online shipping is a given).

    Thanks for identifying them for me.