Before I found pearls I had a thing for marcasite jewelry. Garnet and marcasite earrings, marcasite earrings and a bracelet with marcasite and mother-of-pearl.
2 brooches, one an E with marcasites. The other one with colored gemstones and marcasites.
Then a lot of rings with colored gemstones. I had a thing for rainbow jewelry. I still love rainbow colors.
Then a pendant that belonged to my grandmother or maybe her mother. It's silver and a piece of glass. The silver is quit pretty and well made. I have no idea why they put a piece of glass in it. It's really pretty.
My cameos, homage to Anne Rices Blackwood farm, one with medusa, one with the 3 graces.
I also had a thing for citrines, to match my citrine clasps.
I had a lot of other marcasite jewelry, but I gave a lot away after I discovered pearls. I have always wanted a pearl strand, but good ones are really expensive in sweden and then one day it occured to me that I could buy a better one for less money that also had really cool clasps on...