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Thread: Update from me

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    Thank you GoldPearl - yes and no. We live in Dublin now. We were lucky to find a great apartment. But rent is sooooo expensive here so with the income I have right now, it's money out of pocket every month. At least I am getting some money from the divorce. We are very grateful that we made it here in time to settle in before the Coronavirus hit. I am not sure how long we'll stay, maybe 2 years? Neither of us feels this is home but we are comfortable enough for now. What will come after I don't know.

    I got a call from the social services in Dublin the other day. The Danish case worker had alerted them to us having moved here. Thankfully my long presentation of our circumstances as well as what Ida's issues are, what I am doing, etc, seemed to satisfy them, but I honestly feel like the victim of a witch hunt. As Ida said - what I did was speak up and explain what will and will not work for Ida and why ,and my parenting skills gets called into question. No one has mentioned the dad that didn't come to any of the meetings.

    I do feel that time is the best cure right now. I would love to find help for Ida but Ida needs to want to want the help or it useless. Much should happen on the way to 18 in two years time, hopefully for the better.

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    Hugs. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and vibes. You are absolutely amazing the way you have patiently helped and stood by Ida. Yes two years is a long time and much would happen positively for you. Hope social services would be understanding and give you the space you need and the choices you deserve. Massive respect to you for what you are doing and how you are handling everything.

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