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Drop earrings and pendant, gray

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    Fake pearls usually look perfect from what pictures I've seen, almost too perfect. So a few blemishes makes them look real to me
    I personally don't think they are natural pearls (but could be wrong). It would be incredibly rare that pearls this size would be natural. I am sure they are real pearls, though, but helped by man working with the oyster. It seems to me I can see the outline of the implanted bead at the bottom.

    It is a very pretty set, the setting as well. That being said, I've learned that pearls are not an investment. They aren't worth much once you've bought them, other than your pleasure. Which is what you found. You got them at a much better price than the original purchaser. But the good bargains here are mostly about getting something you really like at a lower cost because it's pre-loved rather than getting something that is worth more in resale than you paid for it.

    - Karin


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      Charlotta, thank you, yes they are in the back, not visible in the daylight and in just one of the pearls. But these are quite big earrings and I don't think she will wear it in daytime haha. The other one the back part isn't smooth, with small craters so both have problems. At least the front part is nice.

      Karin, thank you too, I know I probably got the set at a nice price compared to the original buyer, but I want to be sure haha. That's why I searched a lot for a similar sized cultured baroque tahitian with those same details but couldn't find anything. I guess this large size is not the taste of everyone maybe? My mother, who is the recipient of my gift, told me she wouldn't wear the earrings with the pendant together, or one or the other. But she liked and that's good. I must say, that in the ears the earrings look like a million dollars hahahaha


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        The gold mount, darkened, and gold colored diamonds are a modern fashion mostly from asia.
        The color may be a dye, or natural, I don't know enough about these pearls, but white areas can appear on natural color, and cultured.
        My guess is cultured freshwater, but some aspect of pinctada pearls too.


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          Thank you Parfaitelumiere. I am quite sure this set wasn't made in Asia, not even for the asian market, as it was made from a local jeweler not relevant internationally, but very important here. If they were freshwater, wouldn't they be dyed? And if dyed the inside shouldn't be white? And shouldn't be some dye around the drill holes? I've found a pair from a brand called Assael and the pearls look quite similar, but, for my untrained eyes, much better quality. They were the only ones that I've found. The size is similar also, 20.4x15.8, even larger than mine. I have several amethyst stones and really liked this combination.

          Click image for larger version

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