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What pearls are these?

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  • What pearls are these?

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to ask you, what do you think of my pearl necklase. On the pictures it is up, the yellow pearls. I took photo of comparison with white 6.5-7 mm Freshadama bracelet. The size is similar, lenght of the necklase is 75 cm. On the clasp is 585.

    I got them from my grandma who got them from her friend who has lived in Austria and in Canary islands. That is all I know about them.

    Any ideas what they could be?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pearls2.jpg
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Name:	pearls1.jpg
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    Very pretty bracelet!

    It is hard to judge luster against dark backgrounds. Please post some more photos of the necklace, this time against a white background and a bit closer up. You can coil it to get the whole necklace into the shot.
    Please include a few close up photos of any flaws you see, and don't use flash.

    If they are older pearls they are likely akoyas, given that they have a gold clasp. But pearls can be restrung and clasps changed, so let's have a closer look.


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      I hope this is better.Click image for larger version

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        They look to me like cultured akoya pearls, Katy. See the variations in overtone colors in that first row? You wouldn't be seeing that in imitation pearls.

        Pearls can become yellowed over time due to exposure to skin oils, cosmetics, etc. This is not reversible.

        If you would like to wear them, I suggest restringing them after giving them a bath in soapy, bottled water to clear off any grime that may have accumulated over the years. Silk absorbs oils and becomes darker and the knots get stretched out over time. This weakens the silk and increases the risk that it will break, and the necklace could be lost.

        Many of us string our own pearls-- it's not hard at all. See the stickied threads on the Lowly Beader's forum if interested.
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          Thank you


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            I edited my last post and added things...might want to reread it.


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              Thank you for your advice, I don't know anything about pearls, so it is really appreciated.