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Tarnish-resistant bags OK for pearls?

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  • Tarnish-resistant bags OK for pearls?

    Are tarnish-resistant fabric pouches ok for storing pearls, or would they damage them? I like the idea of tarnish resistance for keeping silver clasps etc nice, but I wasn't sure if they'd hurt the pearls.
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    Oh this is a good question, I need to know this same thing as well!
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      Tarnish resistance items like bags and anti-tarnishs strips remove sulfer compounds from the air. Tarnish in silver is a silver sulfide not an oxygen combination as is commonly thought. A plain zip lock bag will work well to keep most tarnish from your silver. We often give sunshine cloths away with our jewelry we sell. They clean tarnish in one easy step.

      I have some silver chain that I have had for 3 years without tarnish. Each one is in a small sealed plastic bag. I do not believe pearls would be affected by tarnish bags or tarnish strips.

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