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South Sea Pearls on a playdate

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    What a visual treat, thanks! The WSS-mix really pops with the gold strand on the bottom. I think it gets lost worn underneath the gold, just fades away, but with the gold framing it - well, Eureka!


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      What a fun play date! I really like funky rope.


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        Again those drops...be still my heart.
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          Ah the Lovely Lunch Ladies strike again! Thanks for sharing the view


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            Having lunch with Kay is always a treat but throwing in strands of pearls just bumps it to another level. I love our lunches A table full of golden and white south sea pearls are a sight to behold.

            Kay your collection is just beautiful and they all look stunning on you. I can't wait to see what you get next.

            Thank you for asking me to come and see a golden strand that caught your eye on the Pearl Paradise web site in August that you were having sent to you. I now have a once in a life time fantasy golden strand that dreams are made of


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              Thank you all for your kind comments. Newberry and I always have fantastic lunches with great conversation and fabulous pearls. It?s fun to be able to share the pictures with our pearlie friends online. If any of you visit San Diego, let us know and we?ll arrange a get together.

              Purranha, I also love the textured oval links in Newberry?s tin cup necklace ? they add so much interest. You should come out west for one of the ruckuses if you want to see piles of amazing pearls in person.

              Red and Kelluv, that is my Burmese WSS pearl from the ruckus set in the PP Oracle ring setting in rose gold. I will try to get more pictures of it soon ? I wore it yesterday, but my camera battery was dead, lol.

              Happy Huku, I managed to eat my salad, but Newberry was busy taking pictures and took 2/3 of her salad home, lol.

              Newberry, I am so happy you were able to get a golden strand you love so much. As for what I will get next, next cannot happen for a long while ? I did far too much damage to my AMEX this year.